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AJ Barse

AJ sitting on top of a mountain, looking off camera, blue sky behind him with Table Mountain.

AJ Barse is an award winning and world traveling photographer in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham Washington. His style comes from the idea that every moment has a story, and in a single frame he tries to capture and retell that story. As a freelancer, he uses his media and photography skills throughout the Pacific Northwest, and enjoys adventuring across all time and relative dimensions in space. AJ's tech and media experience lends him nearly two decades of knowledge and expertise especially in the digital arts. 

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Instagram: @ajbarse

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Chris Powell

Chris portrait, looking at camera, from atop the Parkade in downtown bellingham. The salish sea behind him

Chris Powell is a long-time resident of Bellingham, and has been a professional tech for over 20 years. He likes the color black, as evidenced by most of his wardrobe. He doesn’t like yellow, although he’ll eat a banana every now and then to prevent muscle cramps. Chris has learned to embrace his inner introvert, and knows all the best places in 98225 to sidestep the crowds and enjoy the quiet. A recovering packrat, Chris has spent the past six years eliminating clutter from his life, both physical and digital. Chris speaks Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux. He likes helping people de-stress their experience with technology. And he’s the king of all ‘80s TV trivia. 

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Twitter: @mnmltek

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