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Bellingham Podcast cover art
AJ and Chris in the Union Coffeeshop. Photo shot through the window, both of them laughing with podcast mics in front of them
AJ and Chris at a table in the Letter Streets coffeehouse, mics in front chatting. Warm light coming from window, AJ reaching to take a sip of coffee

As seen in the press...

Cover shot of Watcom Talk article

Whatcom Talk: Voices From the City of Subdued Excitement Resound on ‘The Bellingham Podcast’ 

March 16, 2020 

Cover shot of Bellingham Alive Magazine

Bellingham Alive: Fave Faves: Bellingham Podcasts January 22, 2019 

Cover shot of KNKX article

KNKX: A Walking Tour Through Downtown Bellingham Oct 17, 2018 


Collage of Bellingham Podcast cover art - 31 one different ones from series of episodes
AJ sitting on top of a mountian, blue sky behind him with Table Mountain, looking off camera with sunglasses.
Chris powell, black and white photo, alley street scene in bellingham.