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AJ and I have some public service announcements for the better of society. Also, AJ discovers a beautiful needle in the watch world haystack...from overseas! And I wax nostalgically about a long-lost customer service technique that simply doesn't exist today.


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Op-Ed SoapBox
A PSA to Photographers : Avoid updates to any ANY software while in the middle of production. Even if it LOOKS like it is a harmless patch- just don't update EVER when you have stuff on the line.

* AJ's **1hr long horror story** with Adobe support, and what the future of Lightroom means to those who (once) had perpetual license vs mandatory Creative Cloud. 
    * If I wasn't a tech...this could have ended really poorly. 

* What AJ's looking forward to (more on this to come on his ( ; 
    * Skylum (Formerly Macphun) Luminar 2018
    *  Phase One's Capture One Pro 

Public Service Announcement to Everyone using their mobile phones in public - 

A Primer for Technology Etiquette 
* If you are at a restaurant or a coffee shop with someone, and simply must have your phone on the table, show the person you’re with that you actually have a slight bit of interest in being with them. Set your phone to vibrate and face down on the table.
* If you are talking on your mobile phone while the checkout clerk is ringing up your food items at the grocery store, you are automatically despised by the aforementioned clerk, as well as everyone else in line behind you.
* If you choose to take a call in a public place, and slouch down lower in your chair to “have a more private” conversation, your efforts will be futile; we can still hear your conversation, because we’re still two. feet. away. from. you. Get up and move to a place where people can’t hear you.
* The longer it takes you to swipe through the thousands of photos on your mobile phone to find the picture you want to show us, the less we are interested in seeing this photo.
* If you decide to take a selfie in public and make a pouty fish-face with your lips, or flip your hair around and strike that pose you’ve seen from those beautiful people you follow on Instagram, you waive your right to not be gawked at or laughed at by everyone around you. Zoolander called, he wants his “ridiculously good looking” photo poses back.

* * *


Chris' - Counting Change

Your total is $12.22. You give the clerk a $20 bill. The clerk looks at the change due on the digital register screen, and says like a parrot, “Seven dollars and 78 cents is your change.”

It USED to be, at least when I was in a job that required me to give change back to customers, that I would count the money back to them. The customer owes $12.22, they give me a $20 bill, and I hand them their change, then dollars, saying, “78 cents makes thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and Twenty.” *sigh*
* * *
Purpose Built History: MN Strap

Monochrome has an article on the back history:

* “ The relation between French Navy “Marine Nationale” *[ and the 'nageur de combat” - special forces?) *and Tudor can be traced down to the late 1950s.”
* “...when delivering the French Navy, Tudor was sending only “heads” and not entire watches, so without the strap. Frogmen and members of the Marine Nationale usually found their own way to create straps...” 
    * “In the 1960's the parachute elastics had a red centerline, in the 1970's they had a yellow centerline”
    * “ aware that the Snowflake hands were a specific request of the French navy, for an improved legibility. Finally came the blue snowflake dial Tudor Marine Nationale, with blue dial and bezel – ref. 9401 and 94010.” 
        * Tudor's own history page regarding the MN Snowflake
        * “Marine nationale divers were known to have used parachute belts to make watch straps...The elasticity of this material made the watch comfortable to wear and allowed easy adjustment over a diving suit.”

* ENTER **Marine Nationale Strap** (Erika's Origional MN™strap) 
    * Vintage MN™Straps € 60,- (redline)
        * (€ 75,- with Black DLC coated hardware • € 85,- with solid Bronze hardware).
    * Original MN™Straps € 50,-
        * (€ 65,- with Black DLC coated hardware • € 75,- with solid Bronze hardware).
        * **The Marine Nationale**
            * “The French navy - the Marine Nationale - has been long known for the outstanding watches they issued to their combat- and on board divers. Among these are divers watches from Tudor, Doxa”... etc
            * **Comfort and fit **The MN™strap is made from Latex braided with Nylon. Nylon (designed as artificial silk by DuPont in the 1930's) All  MN™straps are 100% hand stitched with French Linen thread.
    * The tech angle: “A picture of the Doxa with the prototype of the strap ended up on Instagram and immediately afterwards I received requests from New York, Paris, Stockholm and Singapore.”
        * **NOS webbing **Erika has contacts with the TAP, French Airforce, and gets her hands on rolls of new old stock Marine Nationale parachute braid in 21 and, very rare, 22mm  “Never used but stored for over 40 years.” 

* * *

The Watch that broke the internet...and records 
* The Paul Newman : Record $17.8-million (
    * Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239, known as the "Paul Newman" owned by legendary actor Paul Newman sold for $15.5-million, plus buyer's premium of 12.5%, for a final price of 
    * $17,752,500 at a Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo auction

* * *

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