By: ajbarse | October 16, 2017

Topic - PSAs, not PDAs.

Tech - Five rules for dealing with computer techs (

* If a computer tech is working on your equipment for free, food and drink is a mandatory payment.
* Just because you see your tech around town doesn’t mean you can automatically ask them a question about your computer problems.
* Don’t expect your old equipment to be able to run the latest and greatest software.
* When a computer tech tells you a potential solution to your computer problem, do not say, “No I don’t think that’s it.”
* Do not antagonize, tease, or talk down to a computer tech.

Shopping - Avoid the late-November rush

Tech Addiction:

It is interesting to see a subset of people, mostly close to tech, gravitating towards the days of the iPhone 1. The days before apps. 

* Black Mirror actress Rashida Jones: “Nosedive” episode released back in fall 2016
    * More from the front lines of addiction...that is is the digital age: 

Alternative connectivity:

* Lightphone: 
* Runcible: 
* Punkt: 
* Apple Watch Series 3
--Kevin Rose: 

AJ's view: really likes the principle behind Monohm- would like to see tech change towards a more natural (look and manufacturing materials) and ability to repair or upgrade by modules (see PhoneBlocks ( and ARA ( project reference) or the Fairphone (

* PhoneBlocks blog keeps good tabs on activity in the Movment: 
* All devices from smartwatch to phones. 
* RePhone Kit (about $60 usd kickstarter)- what if our phones were opensoruce and modular... 

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Tech That Caught our eye


    * ReMarkable eInk tablet.

(Watch spotting: SKX) lol
One ding against it- NO Browser- touting a distraction free experience. 
35k sold 
Shipping November- $599
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