By: ajbarse | October 10, 2017

On this episode:

AJ and I are seeing RED as the leaves are turning ORANGE and YELLOW. The GREEN grass is getting wet from all the rain which is giving us the BLUES. If you're feeling down about the fall season, stay tuned for some colorful conversation! Let's get the party started. This is the Bellingham Podcast...

Topic - How do you beat the PNW the leaves turn orange...and die

Chris I drive. Hannegan Road to Lynden. Lake Whatcom Boulevard to Alger. Chuckanut Drive to Burlington. Mini-road trips with quiet music to stare at a different screen. My vehicle's windshield! I also do a fall possession purge. Clothes I haven't worn for a while, unnecessary tech cables, accumulated books and magazines. All donated or eliminated from my home.

Topic - 24-Hour Staycation

Chris AM visits to Rustic Coffee in Fairhaven, Rocket Donuts on Holly Street, and Caffe Adagio on Railroad Avenue (not in that order.) PM visits to Village Books, a Taylor Dock walk to Boulevard Park, and the Filling Station. All in Fairhaven. Highlight of the evening is a big bowl of Pho at Soy House on Holly Street and a movie at the Pickford Cinema. Maybe a Thai Basil Daiquiri No.2 and an everything plate at the Temple Bar to bring the day in for a landing.

AJ is still in his remodel- and has a we-one so his 24hr staycation is a bit shorter

Unscripted Insights

Chris : The UN calls AJ- who would he fly to and to a once in a life time photoshoot with?

AJ : Face your fear- what would it be and what would it take?

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