By: ajbarse | September 29, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, start up your engines! We hear from AJ's Distinguished Gentleman Ride in Vancouver BC. Chris talks about how he helped someone run, and ran himself, the 5K of the Bellingham Bay Marathon. 

Topic - 2017 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - Vancouver

* DGR- AJ passed his funding goal, and the DGR passes 4.5million in fundraising - THANK YOU sponsors
* The dress code of DGR...and dapper attitudes. This is not your token motorcycle dudes in leather.
* Watch Spotting: the “one only's” were out in full force on riders wrists. From Panerai, to Omega, to even Seiko.
* Interview with one of the hosts/founders of DGR Vancouver
* On my wrist....Frederique Constant (Limited Edition) Moon Phase (Reference FC330RM)- adorned by a WatchGecko (Geckota) handmade Italian Leather strap from the UK 

* * *

Topic - 2017 Bellingham Bay Marathon

BBM - Chris ran a 5K with 300+ folks, finished in 37'52”, 177th overall, 83rd out of 126 males, and 8th out of 12 in his age bracket.

Chris rocking a new Toxic Nato- and now in his favorite color(shade) BLACK OUT. 
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Tech That Caught our eye


* iOS 11 “Driving Mode” - customizable auto-text reply when driving. 


* All American watch strap ADPT All Day Purpose & Terrain strap- to best of W&W knowledge=" it" is the only all American made nylon watch strap   $42usd 420D nylon
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