By: ajbarse | September 19, 2017

On THIS episode:

Listen, my children, and you shall hear...of how we aren't fans of new shiny gear.
However, AJ and I take great tech that caught our eye and unscripted insights.
So what are we waiting for? The clouds may turn overcast...Let's start another episode of the Bellingham Podcast!


This comes out of a recent rant AJ had with a few folks “If you don't like something- don't buy it! Companies owe you NOTHING *unless you are a shareholder*” Just in time for school to start up! Forget Hi I'm a Mac, Hi I'm a PC- what about the other offerings in OS out there.

Canonical Ubuntu:

Elementary OS;
Endless OS;

Chrome OS; for those who don't mind Google and have web-based needs

Tech That Caught our eye

How about NOT the new iPhone. If you like it - great. If you don't- great. Does it really matter- nope.
  • Only thing to note out of the whole announcements; Apple now has 8 iPhones to choose from. SE, 6, 6s, 7, 7s, 8, 8s, X. So, to everyone on the internet...stop hating on something you don't have buy if you don't want to.
Poloroid Originals:

Unscripted Insights



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