By: ajbarse | September 03, 2017

We've encountered some talented folks out there making products that tell a story, that are personalized, and are worth an extended look. Skip aisle six in your big-box retail store and check out some products worthy of your time and attention....and we have some unscripted insights in store as well. This weekend is the 135th anniversary of a “workingmen's holiday” So whether you work in an office, or from home, this weekend's for you! So let's get the Labor Day weekend party started. This is the Bellingham Podcast...

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* Found Leather Goods ( - Fairhaven
    * Hide and Drink (
    * Passion Leather (


    * ArtWood
    * New Vision Soccer ( - New Vision Glory acoustic guitar (


    * Bay Engravers (


    * Toxic Natos ( (Veteran Owned Business)

News From Your [subdued] Hosts:

AJ has been busy: 

* “Every Moment Has a Story” the short film 
    * Vimeo 
    * YouTube 
    * Patreon

* The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 
    * I have had several friends and colleagues who have battled either cancer or mental health issues just this last year alone; leading me to join this group of dapper men and women. On Sunday the 24th of September, I will don my finest attire and my classic inspired motorcycle, with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with ****The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride**** ( (or DGR) to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health. I will be riding with 35,398 riders across the globe, and will be joining with our neighbors to the north in the Vancouver ride.

Chris has been busy:

* 100 Tech Tips ( COMPLETED! 
* Quiet Conversations ( newsletter - #65 just recently sent

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Tech that caught our eye

Skipped until next week

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Unscripted Insights

Chris - AJ's on death row? And his last meal is....

AJ - Chris is a wreck, and something of his humanity has got to go. And it is....
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