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On THIS episode: we are fully analog this episode- from ways to record your best of times and worst of times, to checking the time on a timepiece from a different time or timezone we cover all that and more next, on BPM: Tech!
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analog documentation

Chris uses a Baron Fig Confidant journal and Bullet Journal rapid logging

* Baron Fig ( - Based in New York. Kickstarter success. “Tools for thinkers”
* Bullet Journal ( - customizable organization system
* Morning - 5-minute Journal  ( mental prep for the day ahead
* Evening - 5-minute Journal -  the day's recap

AJ's List

* New acquisition; Seiko 6117-6410 (circa 72 best I can tell thus far) 

    * History
        * 6217-7000 think the Asia games/Olypics in tokyo
        * 6117-8000 outer bezel (no hacking lever)
        * 6117-6400 (WorldTimer)  
        * 6117-6410 (back to inner and hacking lever)
    * Logo (
        * Daini Seikosha- Daini - The double-triangle/Lightning-Bolt = Daini
        * Suwa Seikosha- Suwa =  Swirl 
    * “Seiko accomplished this by making the two divisions, Suwa and Daini, completely independent of each other, not sharing parts, movements, or any design information.” 
        * “Suwa Seikosha and Daini Seikosha became separate entities in 1959 for the purpose of promoting competition and improving product for the overarching Seiko brand,...” 

Tech that caught our eye

Ok #watchfam, this one is for you! 

* Update on SEQUENT (, looks like there is a boom: $445,527 pledged of $83,724 goal 1,636 backers 21 days to go

USPS Informed Delivery (

* Know what’s in your snail mailbox before it arrives
* Granted, it takes the surprise out of discovering what’s waiting for you in your mailbox, but you can now skip getting your mail on a day where you receive sales flyers and junk mail no items that need your immediate attention.

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