By: ajbarse | July 17, 2017

**On THIS episode: **

* The Summer season has gone from preheat to full-on bake mode. Now that we're spending more time outside, how can you improve the your backyard?
* Plus, AJ spies with his little beady eyes, some tech that is worth a try. 

Throw some ice cubes in a glass, pour yourself the drink of your choice, sit back for a half-hour and enjoy two cool podcast cats...That's us! This is BPM: Tech!
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Backyard Tech

For the backyard:

Chris' list:

* 100-inch wrinkle-free portable outdoor projection screen + stand -$100 on Amazon (, of course!
* LCD mini-projector - $100 on Amazon ( as well
* MPOW solar sensor lights, waterproof outdoor wall lighting for garden or patio - $33 on Amazon (

AJ's List

* ENO SingleNest Hammock REI $60 (
    * Eno Atlas hammoc suspension system (holds 400lbs) REI $30 (
* Do you have unwieldy blackberry and brush.... or need something for the Zombie apocalypse; Black & Decker BD1773 Chopsaw, 15-Inch - Amason $25 (
CORRECTION Yard Dragon=" Weed" Dragon

For the balcony:

* 24-foot Outdoor string lights, commercial grade, bistro style - $40 on Amazon (
* Instapark Flower Power color changing LED plant pot - $13 on Amazon (
* S'more to Love - 6x smore maker for BBQ - $14 on Amazon (

AJ's List

* Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Amazon about $50 (
    * ...and the reason why I went to OS's BAR208 AJ  Prime Day. Didn't get a discount but got a new weather station. Acurite pro color with wind/hydro/temp $60
        * Love the 3-in-1 sensor....HATE the display 
* Any telescope- fun for kids to learn about space Meade 50mm Refractor Tele Amazon $40 (
    * Night Sky iOS Free (
    * Stellarium (OpenSource) Free cross platform,  ($3 on iOS (, $2.50 Android (
Tech that caught our eye

Nasa JunoCam just took the best photo of Jupiters Red Spot 

* Via PetaPixel (
* Via NASA JunoCam  (
    * Love the sense of umor with NASA “Sauron's Eye (”, 

* * *

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