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On THIS episode: We ask your future self “self, in 20 years from now, will I or my child really want to go through all those words and photos I posted on Facebook?” We've got some some tips on preserving those moments we share online: OFFLINE. NExt! On BPM: Tech!

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Capturing Moments
Chris and AJ yet again harp on BACKING UP YO DATA AND PHOTOS. With that now said...

Your essays. Captured in a book.

* Day One 2 - macOS Desktop ( - $40
* Day One 2 - iOS app ( - $24 in-app premium purchase
    * Published a hardcover book from a year's worth of newsletters. 130+ pages, $40.
    * Publishing journal entries coming later this year. 

Your photos. Captured in a book
First- work with a local photographer

* ShutterFly
    * FREE* Unlimited prints for the price of shipping 
    * App allows you to make stuff, prints, books, etc right there- no need for browser. 
    * Site doesn't use flash...but can be a little janky
    * Cases, pillows, deck of cards, etc 
* MixBook
    * Mosaic for iOS
        * The 5min photo book
    * The downside again for desktop- their author tool in the browser is Flash based- so fire up the Chrome
* Amazon Prime Photos...guess what they also print
    * Prime shipping 
    * FINALLY a site that doesn't use Flash to author a book
    * $22 8x11 20 pages

Tech that caught our eye
**Retro Announcement by Nintendo...again**

SNES with StarFox2 (never before released)

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