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This is our big thank you listener episode! After 98 shows, AJ and Chris are very thankful to be able to be doing what they do: having a conversation on the mic about stuff that interests them and the community in which they live.  Thank you EVERYONE for listening and supporting the show. And stay tuned for Episode 100- with an interview with a very special guest.

Where we at?

Barkley Village Woods Coffee, overlooking Bellingham's movie monstrosity, 3008 Cinema Pl, Bellingham, WA 98226
*Not looking for advertisers, but open to “show supporters” : with a BhamPodcast twist.*

Chris - The face in the mirror

What's next?

* Instagram quotes with a side of mnmltek
* Newsletter to book
* Still teaching tech classes with WCC ComEd

Chri's Thanks

* to the God that I worship
* My beautiful wife
* My amazing daughter
* Woods Coffee staff
* Lettered Streets Coffee
* Camber Coffee
* Primer Coffee
* The Union Coffee
* Tony's Coffee
* Patrick Rhone
* Erica from Art Wood in Fairhaven
* Crypto Nick Hill
* Katie Thomas

AJ's Thanks

What's Next

* #NewWatchAlert- restoring a vintage Seiko (thanks Nick)
* The Analog Explorer volume 1 magazine gets announced; (

Thanks to:

* Wife, son, and family
* Erika (Erika's Original)
* TBWS- Mike and Kaz
* Terry (Toxic Nato)
* Nicki (Found Leather)
* Dan in (was) in Cyprus (danc21cy)
* Dan in (was) in Japan (RisingSunSailor)
* KNKX / NPR (Geoffrey Redick, producer)
* Nick (Orion Watches)
* #WatchFam
* BuyingOnTime
* EA8
* Roldorf
* AJ's Patreon patrons
* Becca (listener and patron)


*AJ*: ( or follow on Instagram ( @ajbarse AND an all new (
*Chris*: ( or @mnmltek on most social media
*Twitter Hashtags*: #bhampodcast


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Got a question about technology or anything else about life in Bellingham? Call 201-731-8324 (tel:2017318324) (TECH) and leave us a voicemail, and ask us nicely! We may include it in one of our future shows.


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