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Summer has taken its last curtain call, and autumn brings that desire to be warm and cozy. Are you wanting to experience...“a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.” The Danish folks have a term for this: It's called Hygge. AJ and Chris talk about what makes up Hygge for them here in the PNW as part of their new mini-sieres "A Word of Note."

What is Hygge?
From Wikipedia (

Who has talked about Hygge?

From Vice News ( ”Also been called Socializing for Introverts.”
A Danish native. ( “A better and more relaxed version of yourself.”
From the Today show (, if you want a happy, vapid, feel-good look at Hygge that has no retaining substance to it.

The Little Book of Hygge ( available from Harper Collins.

Chris' version of Hygge

* Quiet serenity with nothing on the calendar.
* A clean organized space.
* A glass of seltzer water.
* Low light. Two candles, one of them scented with a non-gagging aroma.
* Low Volume Music, e.g. Tor Lundvall - A Dark Place ( #GhostAmbient

Breaking News: You can have Pumpkin Spice ~whatever~ all year round.

AJs version of Hygge

* A vibe seen in his photog: wrapped up in Patreon Skookum updates pounding out on a typewriter
* Saturday mornings before everyone gets up.
  * Journal + Coffee+ Quiet=" Mental" Reset
  * Methodical coffee, hand grinding the beans et al.
  * And yes, his watch. #pnw001
* OmmWriter

Where in Bellingham/Whatcom County can we find Hygge?

Chris finds Hygge at:

Hana Teriyaki
Village Books - Third Floor
Rustic Coffee in Fairhaven

AJ finds Hygge at:

“The Mountain doesn't care...” = Mental North
Looking for cafes that have this vibe for a little respite when traveling


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