By: ajbarse | September 11, 2018

AJ and Chris got our mind on our money and our money on our mind. This week we look at part 4 of our PNW State Of Mind Series and we are looking at finances, debt, and ways to keep the Benjamins in our wallets.

The primers:

* What are you subscribed to these days...and how much does it cost each month?
  * Chris' family tech subscriptions = approx. $25/month. Chris' personal nerd subscriptions = approx. $25/month
* “The staggering environmental footprint of all the food that we just throw in the trash” Washington Post
  * “Our data suggest that the average person in the United States wastes about a pound of food per day,” said the University of Vermont’s Meredith Niles, one of the study’s authors, along with researchers at the Department of Agriculture and the University of New Hampshire.

Dollar Discipline
Buy it now, pay for it later - 9.99% APR, 14.99% APR, etc.
Spartan Season - Not the 300 kind

Where does the Benjamin go?


* Mint app ( - online money tracking portal from Intuit
* YNAB ( - You Need a Budget

Season of Frugality - Is this even possible with the holiday shopping season 2.5 months away?


* Amazon is too easy?
  * Add it to the cart and DON'T buy it for 24 hrs. If you see it there tomorrow and you still feel YOU NEED whatever it is, then buy it.
* Meal prep for the family:
  *  Buy Me A Pie ap ( and DON'T shop while hungry/hangry
  * Argus ( (again) for fitness but also eating many coffees again did you have today?
* Gas guzzling (and how a little red motorcycle helped the gas crisis)
  *  Road Trip app (

Books & Media:

The Financial Diet - Website ( and Youtube Channel (

Dave Ramsey - Debt Snowball Method (

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Shout out to The Adapted Eye:



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