By: ajbarse | August 27, 2018

AJ and Chris take a deeper dive into the PNW State of Mind series. This episode looks at our mindset and habbits,  a Journey to the Center of the Mind! Mindfulness, sleep, meditation, and the mentally behind hitting the jackpot on social media.


* Follow up from last week.
  * Mentioned but ran out of time to talk about  tried/using Zero fasting app:
  * Tried Soylent :
  * Out of geek/biohacker culture...and now going main stream: Walmart

Mindfulness? Mediation? Sleep?  


* Sleep
  * How to leverage our internal circadian rhythm to get better sleep
  * No screens (or bright light) at night
  * No caffeine, alcohol, or sleeping pills
  * Colder temps
  * Stay on schedule
  * Wakeup routines, tech to help wake up or track sleep

What AJ is trying:

* Social media- what's that?
  * “You're All Caught Up”
  * Rethink “social media” as Forums- NOT as what it once was promising.
  * Kids with a little too much screen time issue?
  * iOS hack for parents: Guided Access Mode (under accessibility)
  * This has been a round for a LONG time (iOS 6), but surprised that more parents with retired iPads and kids don't know it exists
* Oak ( - Meditation and breathing app from Kevin Rose

What Chris is trying:

* Headspace for iOS ( and Android ( - Freemium app, co-founded by a former Buddhist monk

Books & Media:

*Netflix: *


* Why we Sleep ( - Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker


* Classical Stuff You Should Know:
* Art of Manliness: The Adventure of Silence:
* Sleep with me: (


Habit building?

* Streaks by Crunchy Bagel
* Productive app for iOS - (



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