By: ajbarse | July 20, 2018

The Urban Hiker's Grand Tour continues! We hear the  latest hike to #GetOutThere - Chuckanut Ridge Trail (, lower ridge trail in Larrabee State Park territory from Chris. And AJ sheds some light on hiking around some of our Washington State Lighthouses.

AND a birthday!

The lead in:
Washington State Parks Foundation- guest writer:

*Resource*: ( - think the WTA of Lighthouses “This site includes photographs, directions, histories, and GPS coordinates garnered while personally visiting every lighthouse in the United States and nearly every lighthouse in Canada.”  

*A*_*dmiralty Head Light, Fort Casey, Whidbey Island (Origionally named Red Bluff Light *_

_*Point Wilson Light (Port Townsand)*_
*_-Fort Worden_*

Point Wilson's first lighthouse was built in 1879 by the United States Lighthouse Service ( as a companion to the

Admiralty Head Light ( built some 18 years earlier on the eastern side of Admiralty Inlet. A square wooden tower projecting from the roof of a two-story, Cape Cod–style keeper’s quarters held a fixed fourth-order Fresnel lens ( The station also included a fog signal building with 12-inch, steam-powered fog whistle.[5] (

High tides and stormy weather occasionally took their toll on the sandy beach ( on which the tower was built. In 1886, a picket fence, 5 feet high and 440 feet long, was built across the low part of the spit to catch drifting sound and build up the area where a breach seemed likely.

The current lighthouse was completed in 1914, but the original lighthouse, minus its tower, continued to serve as a residence ( for the keepers. The new lighthouse ( features a forty-nine-foot concrete tower, built in an octagonal shape to reduce wind pressure, which projects upward from a fog signal building.

The station was automated in 1976- remains in the hands of the U.S. Coast Guard (, while the grounds are managed by Washington State Parks (

Admiralty Head

1988 flashback

Movies - Die Hard, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and They Live
Music - Rap hits the mainstream with NWA, Public Enemy, and a cast of thousand OGs
News - NAFTA genesis, Dukakis/Bentsen v. Bush/Quayle in presidential election, CDs outsell vinyl for first time in history
Sports - Redskins d. Broncos, Dodgers d. Athletics, Calgary winter olympics featured the Jamaican bobsled team (Cool Runnings)


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