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The Urban Hiker's Grandtour cont.

On this episode - AJ and I want to let you know that we are not going to be happy unless we're going Mach 2 with our hair on fire. Now we're not gonna sit here and blow sunshine up your, well, you know.. A good podcaster is compelled to always evaluate what's happened, so they can apply what they've learned. Up there, we gotta push it. That's our job. It's the Bellingham Podcast


Coming soon to Bellingham...a new hiking trail with a spectacular view of Bellingham Bay. Your trail scavenger hunt starts at Lakeway Drive. Go up Puget Street, left on Consolidation, right on Racine. Your journey starts at the dead end of Racine. It's not stroller-friendly, and it goes uphill for a while, so be aware. This not-quite-manicured urban trail crests at this view with a lot of harvested tree limbs littering the ground:

Follow the dots from this weekend

This weekend Chris had a couple of hours free to himself, so he curated his ultimate 80s pop/rock playlist. Over 200 songs. From the days of his youth. Lots of those songs happened in 1986. This is Episode 86. So what happened to Chris and AJ in 1986?

Chris 8th grader. Top Gun and Ferris Bueller were the top movies. Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet and Madonna's True Blue were top albums that year. Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy. Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl, the Mets beat the Red Sox in the World Series, and The Oprah WInfrey show launched on TV.

Chris' favorite songs from 1986:
Larry Greene - Through the Fire (Danger Zone and Take my Breath away were overplayed on MTV)
Eddie Money - Take me Home Tonight
Wang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Because the video was so cool)

Back from Spokane, WA- scaled the Bowl and Pitcher (cover shot)

The Outbound Collective;
Another (more visual) resource to scout your next trail.
Adventures - Stories - Gear - Events
Sort by: Hiking, Photography, Chillin, Camping, Swimming, Backpacking

Lummi Island

Ferry ( USCG T Class (99 x 44.1ft with 7ft draft)
Built in 1962 for the Hales Pass crossing - replacing the 6 car Chief Kiwina.
8 min crossing- $20 (two people) - 39 runs, 20 cars a ferry

Beach Access:

Baker Preserve/ Lummi Mountian (3mi- RT)

Lummi Peak Trail
Peak Trail is a 6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail - A trail rises to a high cliff on the western face of Lummi Mountain. At the end of the Baker trail, there is an overlook on WDFW land that provides spectacular views of Rosario Strait and the San Juan Islands.


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