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The Urban Hiker's Grandtour

On this episode - One thing you should know by now about Aj and me is that we put our money, and our time, where our mouth is. Last episode we talked about getting out of the house for social activities around town. Now we're talkin about getting out the house...and hiking around, even if you got a young'un with a stroller, or you're one of our respected elders with a walker. We gotcha covered. It's the Urban Hiker's Grandtour NEXT... On the Bellingham Podcast.

This just in...

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WTA: Washington Trails Association

  • WTA began in 1966 as Signpost magazine and has grown into a diverse community of hikers speaking out for trails and wildlands.
  • “the voice for hikers in Washington state. We protect hiking trails and wild lands, take volunteers out to maintain trails, and promote hiking as a healthy, fun way to explore the outdoors.”
  • ... “To preserve, enhance, and promote hiking opportunities in Washington state through collaboration, education, advocacy and volunteer trail maintenance.”

Hike it Baby!

Hike it baby (non-profit)- a #hashtag (Instagram), group, and movement to inspire more parents who like the outdoors to continue to adventure:

  • Majority of events are free/ donation $10 a year
  • Hike it Baby is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to getting new families outdoors and on trails across the U.S. and internationally by hosting hikes and walks in nearly 300 branches across the U.S. and in 9 other countries. Since their grassroots inception in 2013 in Portland, Oregon, they are now a growing community of 172,000 families, 580 volunteer branch ambassadors and over 5,000 hikes per month.
      We come from all fitness levels and ages, so if a diaper needs to be changed, or a break taken, we take it together! The goal is to get outside, in companionship.
      Our events begin with a Welcome Circle, where we introduce ourselves and our families and set the intention for our time together.
      Hike it Baby is a friendly and all-inclusive community. We come together to enjoy each other’s company, be healthy, and expose our children to the wonders of nature. Topics will naturally come up that are polarizing to your community; be respectful of each other and your differing world views. Leave your judgment at home.
      Hike it Baby adheres to LEAVE NO TRACE ethics. This means if you hike it in, you hike it out. We act as stewards to protect our natural resources for our children and their future families.

Urban Hiking Grand Tour

Chris attacks Hannegan Pass - and lives, barely.

Hannegan Pass and Peak - “The first couple of miles have a very gentle grade - enjoy views of Mount Sefrit and the Nooksack Ridge, as well as the sounds of Ruth Creek running below... The grade increases around mile three, launching into switchbacks at Hannegan Pass camp, which continue all the way up to Hannegan Pass... The trail up to Hannegan Peak begins with steadily graded switchbacks that weave through forest and beautiful alpine meadows with views of Ruth Mountain that improve as you climb. And climb you will - with 1,000 feet of elevation gain in just over a mile, this is by far the biggest push of the hike...”

On the lower key side:
  • Arroyo Park - Miles of beautiful with inclines and declines and views of Chuckanut Bay.
  • Northridge Park trail - Half-hour walks quiet serenity among trees up on Barkley HIll.
  • Cordata Park Trail - Start at West Horton Road, enjoy less-than-a-mile beauty between Cordata Parkway and Aldrich Road.
AJ TBD- probably Twin Lakes
On the lower key side:
  • Kiddo Park'n
    • Star Park (Ferndale) {playground about 12,000 square feet}
      • “Over 2,200 residents donated over 8,000 hours to help build the park. Local restaurants and community groups stepped up to donate food for the volunteers and local contractors lent their tools, time and expertise to the build. All told, the build took six days to substantially complete with a few finishing touches after the main build.”
  • Tennant Lake (next to Hovander - Ferndale)
  • Ebey Landing Bluffs (Whidbey Island) [Discover Pass] around 6mile roundtrip/260ft elev. gain
    • “There are two ways to access the Bluff Trail – either from the Prairie Overlook trailhead across the road from Sunnyside Cemetery, or from the seaside parking lot at the end of Ebey’s Landing Road. Hikers who want to enjoy a short beachside ramble would do well to begin at the parking lot off Ebey’s Landing Road, while those who want a bit more of a hike should start from the Prairie Overlook.”


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