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Happy Fathers Day everyone! On this episode, Chris and AJ are prepping you for your summer road trip'n adventuring here in the PNW as summer seems to be here to stay (finally). This episode has recomendations for some new reading, listening, and watching as well as a quick tech recap of Apple's WWDC , but not in a techie kind of way.


Apple's WWDC was two weeks ago, we are not a news show (but if we were we'd do it better) but here are a few things to keep an eye out for if you are an Apple aficionado.

* iOS 12- Fall 2018“More power to you.” (
* Facetime 32X at once
* Adressing performance issues all the way back to iPhone 6 era hardware
* More privacy features in your face
* the continuation of dropping “i” from their products = Apple Books


* Screen Time- Apples “initial public offering in the Attention Economy"


* Workflow aka Shortcuts for automation



* Outside Magazine ( “Science of Survival”
* Art of Manliness
* #watchfam: Roldorf Cafe (, The Grey Nato (, Two Broke Watch Snobs (, Worn and Wound (, On Time (, Unwound (


* Seth Godin's Akimbo (
* Micro.Blog's Micro Monday (
* Washington Post's Retropod (



* Watchfinder & Co. (
* Analog Insights ( Jules, Greg and Max
* Mattias Burling ( “Tech and What Not”

Chris - Documentaries



* Robert Kurson's ( “Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man's First Journey to the Moon”

* ( Pandian (“the Accidental Alchemist” book 3 “The Elusive Elixir”


* Steven Pressfield's (“The War of Art”


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