By: ajbarse | May 06, 2018

Meet the Mod Squad!! AJ & Chris have anther #watchfam episode, diving into the subculture of watch collecting known as modding the Seiko SKX007. AJ talks about the ins-and-outs of watch modding and making. And Chris has a quick tech tip for those “We've been hacked - Change your passwords now” alerts. If you get into this episode, read AJ's humble horological full write-up on modding !

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Resources on the SKX and DIY modding
Nicholas Hacko-
Nick of Orion Watches-
Li Wang- Worn and Wound -
Jack Forster - Hodinkee -

Anatomy of a watch (and easy-o-metter level to mod)
Read about AJ's take on modding
-----Entry Level Mod Zone----
  • case back
  • bezel
  • bezel insert
-----More Advanced Zone----
  • dial
  • crystal/chapter ring
  • day/date wheels

Info on the Seiko 7s26
  • “The 7S26 family was introduced in 1996 as a mainstream automatic watch movement, replacing the Seiko 7002 in many cases.”
  • “It is almost totally different from earlier Seiko 7002 series calibres, though it does continue the "Magic lever" bi-directional winding design. Rather than using a dedicated winding bridge to locate the lever, the 7s26 family locates it with a brass bushing on one side and the rachet wheel on the other. The keyless works have been relocated from the top plate to the bottom plate, making it easier to service these components from the back plate rather than removing the entire works.”

Chris Mods

Who to check out

AJ Mods

Who to check out

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