By: ajbarse | March 25, 2018

Hey watchfam! We have a horological Nor'Wester coming Seaforth from Vancouver in the form of a collaboration between Roldorf and Halios. Top of the morn'n to ya. Chris and AJ talk about how they tackle the morning. Facebook fatigue, we have three helpful hacks to help disconnect your 'analytica'. And the little social network that could, Vero, wraps up our tech addiction recap. All that and more on this 73rd edition of the #bhampodcast.

Quick correction on Episode 72

AJ's reminiscing on pinball: The Racket- not the Ruckus Room regarding Pinball tournament

Ruckus Room - 1423 Railroad Avenue
The Racket - 1220 N State Street

Local horological news #WatchFam

Yes, Baselworld is going on as we speak- AJ will have thoughts next week when the tradeshow is over. But locally, Roldorf + Halios join forces for a collaboration watch
  • Fixed bezel only,
  • available in either DLC or SS case,
  • ETA 2892-A2 movement
  • This is one of two dial options (the other will feature a creme centre)

Jason Lim

Roldorf & Co.
Jason Gallop

“Time In the North” blog article with pics

AJ; parts in route for additional modding to the SKX (more on that later)

Morning Breakfast Experiment

Chris' Acai Bowl at Robeks
Morning walks with the dog

AJ - Avocado toast (long before it was a hipster thing)
Kamira or Bialetti Coffee to go

Helpful Hacks

Facebook fatigue?


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