By: ajbarse | March 05, 2018

AJ and Chris go on a $24 adventure, it's a rail trip! As they head from BLI to YVR by way of American train; find out on this episode how Chris finds an analog heaven full of paper. AJ meets a master timelord. And they both talk about "the wall of tea," all that and more on this episode of the Bellingham Podcast.

* What can $24 round trip get about an over 2hr delay.
* Cold and wet Vancouver
* Taxi it if you are trying to get from downtown to Grandville Island
* Because remember- when NOT in the USA and you DON'T pay for international data- one can't simply just Uber.
* Gradnville Island
* Paper Ya!
* Grandville Island Tea Company
* Over all good eats
* Art district vibe- lots to do
* Water Taxi/Bus for tourists.
* Roldorf and Co
* Travel App Advise
* Maps.Me
* Amtrak App
* Kayak (for itinerary online)
* Blenz Coffee

Tech that caught our eye;

Light Phone 2


Fairhaven Food Fest


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