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This episode is dedicated to the #watchfam, as AJ and Chris go from technologists to analog explorers.

SIHH in Switzerland : Bonkers watches
The A.Langr & Sohne “Triple Split” first ever and only watch to do so.

Piaget (Concept) redefines “thin” and Apple got nothing on this 2mm movement.

HYT H20 Fluid thinking of time

Ressence (Concept)Type 2 Self Setting mechanical watch ECrown.


  • Chris - FitBit Force 2 + SKX combo?
    • This intersection of analog and digital has been cancelled due to fundamental showstoppers. Minimalism prevails.
  • AJ - “Bellingham Bay”+ “Kraken” project = The reference PNW001
  • 16 months later- THE watch that AJ's been horologically toiling over. Three prototypes later; is this the machine that will keep time on all those moment and stories he chases?
  • S/o to @ea8 @buyingontime on instagram
    • The goal was to make a swiss powered watch made here in the PNW Bellingham Wa as a gift for my new born son.
      • First proto was on wrist- but had a untimly demise due to a broken bit. And too Tudor homagey
      • Second proto used a 3d printed movement ring. Smaller NOS skindiver case- but just didn't have the appeal I was looking for. No screwdown crown, acrylic crystal, by directional bezel.
      • Third time is the charm. Taking all that I learned from the first two attempt and taking the best of them.
        • Swiss movment SW200-1
        • 5atm test case (but give me a closer dial and lighter case)
        • Screwdown crown
        • Dome crystal
        • Tudor “Snowflake” hands
        • German printed dial with full graduated seconds and half seconds and dual texture dial face.
        • USA based leather Jeffersonville, Indiana
        • Screw in Panerai style buckle
        • Seiko diver spring bars
    • Toolwatch app- handy for checking your watch's accuracy
    • 8Past10; a micro social network for watch enthusiasts

Erika's Originals MN strap

    • “Mirage” Lume Centerline
      • New MN straps is engineered especially for Erika's MN
      • “The material is produced by a large petrochemical company in Germany. After showing the prototypes at Wind-Up watch fair last October in NYC I decided I should really produce them. The material is not a dye but the lume is part of the core material that is used for the twine. This is why you can wear and use your lumed MN Strap just like any other MN Strap and dive, swim, shower with it without it loosing its luminosity. It has an expected lume life of around 4 years when exposed to daylight on a daily basis.”
      • “My Mirage MN™Straps are made from grey elastic parachute webbing and tribute the pilots of the Mirage delta wing jet fighter past and present. They are available for 20, 22 and 24mm lug width watches (24mm available in January). The MN™Strap is made from nylon wound and woven natural rubber that regulates moisture, adjusts to your wrist effortlessly and is widely considered the most comfortable all-season watch strap available. All MN™Straps are double saddle stitched by hand with the finest French linen.”
      • More colors available in a few weeks (both with different centerline options) in 20, 22 and 24mm- numerous requests from Panerai lovers…)
        • very dark navy blue “Trident”
        • sand “Sahara", .
        • And introducing MN Straps for the Apple watch soon
          • “With regards to your Apple Watch questions: yes this will have the same hook and micro adjustment slider as my regular MN Straps. Its will just be a two piece strap because the sensors that are located under the watch. It comes complete with premium Apple watch strap adapters. Strap size is 24mm for the 42mm Apple watch and 22mm for the 38mm (ladies) Apple watch.”

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