By: ajbarse | January 20, 2018

All the fuss is about the recent buzzwords: Cryptocurrency, Meltdown,  Spectre, and the blackout letters C.E & S. Plus, AJ and Chris will unpack *what we pack* when we take a weekend getaway.

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Oh yea...CES is going on

Despite a power outage for two hours ( Thanks to heavy rainfall. In Las Vegas.

From the news ”Meltdown and Spectre”

Via Reuters


And yes, Apple

Topic Interview -
Another look at Crypto...but this time through a 20-something’s eyes. Interview: Nick + Cryptocurrency. What does life around it look like in the real world IRL for someone who stays in the know about all the different coins 24/7.

What do you take with you on a weekend getaway?

Chris Powell takes

* Mobile phone with TouchID disabled, all cloud-based apps deleted.
  * Entering the 6-digit PIN code makes me want to access my phone less
* Tablet with pre-downloaded content
* 5-port charger
* A notebook, a pen, and a paperback book

LESS is More
* Timbuk2 Navigator (in Small) for my wife and myself
* Case Logic Reflection bag + Sony Alpha body + 3lens max=" more" shooting than hauling gear you DON'T use.
* Wife+Baby+Me= The diaper bag.

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