By: ajbarse | December 22, 2017

We will be on holiday until 2018. On this first part of a two part episode we recap of 2017 topics. Yes some of these topics are political- but we unshackle the politics headlines from the core topics. And what we see for next year?

Top of the show: A big shout out all of our listeners in helping grow out this show.

Part 1 Topics:
Podcast hightlight bits?

AJ- MN history ( and Eddie Bauer History ( clips
Chris- Five Rules for Computer Techs ( and PNW Sandlot ( clips


Prestone Windshield De-Icer ( - Yellow Spray Bottle - about $5
Magnetic Windshield cover ( - Save minutes of scraping in the morning - $23

The main topic

Trends from 2017

* Crowd sourcing on a high
  * Kickstarter/IndiGoGo a palooza
  * Patreon finds its stride
* Athletes getting hit hard.
  * What is the state of the entertainment value of things like the NFL
* Fast food vs Eat at home
  * BlueApron Online
  * Fred Meyer Clickist
  * Uber Eats Delivery
  * Parity with Organic vs non-organic
* Lifestyle Brands TO BE CONTINUED

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