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Take two guys, and throw 'em in 40-some degree weather and rain. What do they wear? And what do they carry their stuff in? Find out the answers, and a whole lot more...NEXT...This is the Bellingham Podcast...

Podcast Updates- 

AJ did a few Fall cleaning of the feed, you can now  updates to the website and look and feel of the show. You can now find us by searching for “The Bellingham Podcast”,  and our show is available as Seasons in iTunes
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Topic - Apple Airpods - The Cadillac of headphones?


* Great sound quality
* Easy to connect (pair) with my phone, tablet, personal laptop, and work laptop
* Quick-charging
* Fits my ears


* Not noise-isolating (I still have to deal with conversations and room chatter)
* The price
* White earrings?

Topic - What are you wearing and carrying this fall?


* Carhartt heavyweight hooded jacket
* Levi's Jeans
* Columbia boots
* Mechanix gloves
* Carhartt legacy gear bag, legacy travel kit
    * Rugged travel bag and toiletry kit

A little PNW trivia:

* Eddie Bauer was a real person ( 
    * Born and raised in the state of Washington, he was a husband, a father, a businessman, an innovator and a true outdoorsman. Eddie Bauer was born on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in Washington (1899). 
    * 1920- Brand was founded.
    * 1936- He created the "Skyliner," the first quilted goose down jacket in North America, a design he would patent in 1940 thus... kind of sinching the status of the guy who invented the puffy jacket.
    * 1942 He began producing garments and sleeping bags in support of the war effort. In the middle of the military garment label sewn into each of these products were the words, "Eddie Bauer Seattle U.S.A." At the end of the war, soldiers from all over the country wrote to him based on that label. "Where can I get more of that down stuff? You saved my life!"
    * And in 1945 He published the company's first catalog, "Eddie Bauer Alaska Outfitter," selling garments and sleeping bags insulated with goose down.
    * Eddie Bauer died at the age of 86 on April 18 1986

AJ's Picks:

* Eddie Bauer - MEN'S MICROTHERM STORMDOWN VEST “First Accent” 
* PNW Flannel - usually acquired every few years visiting a Eddie Bauer outlet 
* For the rain atop that Eddie Bauer vest: a blue REI Elements (discontinued unfortunately) 
    * REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.- founded 1938; Lloyd and Mary Anderson founded **REI** in Seattle, Washington, in 1938. The Andersons imported an Akadem Pickel ice axe from Austria for themselves and decided to set up a co-operative to help outdoor enthusiasts acquire good quality climbing gear at reasonable prices.

Tech That Caught our eye

AJ: AfterShip ( app : 100 shipments per month : 

* Access 428 couriers 

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