By: ajbarse | December 08, 2017

Have yourself a maker & giver Christmas. We'll share some ways to joyfully give back to some little Bellingham kiddos worthy of your generosity. AJ talks about #watchfast, his endeavor in leather making, and Seiko's end of year announcements. And  "you're kill'n me Smalls!" AJ & Chris chat on the merits of Facebook for businesses ...and now messenger for kids? Stay healthy this holiday season!

Wrist Check

Remember that SNK807 AJ is #watchfasting witha leather strap- did he forget to mention that is a strap he made by hand.
  • 2017 was a “makers” Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

A 2018 Powell Pivot?

Chris Powell Associates has been active for 6 years. Time for a change to better reflect my services?

Facebook Business...

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By: ajbarse | December 01, 2017

New Watch Alert! AJ with a SNK807...and a hand crafted strap? #WatchFast



* **Moving to the rebel alliance that is MVNO - JUST SAY NO TO LEASING
* Rufurbished iPhones ( - Starting at $470
* OnePlus Android Phones ( - Starting at $425
* Google Pixel Android Phones ( - Starting at $480
* Cricket ( Wireles...

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By: ajbarse | November 19, 2017

This week, AJ and Chris have some sources of happy if you are having the holiday blues...or if you are in need of cash-ola for those holiday upgrades.

Sources of Happy Around Town: ( - Continuous high-quality events ( - “More than movies”

Around the Internet: ( - Positive stories about people and businesses around Bellingham and Whatcom County

Where do you go to convert old gadgets to new cash-ola

This came from a comment I had said to me “oh yea, I have one of those [and the rummage through a drawer - and takes it out and clearly it is dead and hasn't been used in months]”

Gazelle (
Amazon Se...

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By: ajbarse | November 13, 2017

Get your motor running, and head out on the highway! We're talking about technology and whatever comes our way. In this case, as AJ gets back from Kansas a coffee oasis, and tech that caught our eye.
* Android auto vs Apple CarPlay
* Android phone hardware make it lag
* Ok Google actually pretty useful
* Maps. Ya know it feels dated to me but has better data and calling out directions. 
* Apple where the hell is the app support! -No Google Maps with CarPlay 
* Maps rock shows even speed limits 
* Better ui idea
* Coffee oasis (because there isn’t a coffee house on each corner out here)
* Reverie Coffee roasters. You are the goods. Vibe: think StumpTown kind of
* Il Primo (just rocks literally vintage screams and Linkin Park yo! )- use...

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By: ajbarse | October 28, 2017

AJ and I have some public service announcements for the better of society. Also, AJ discovers a beautiful needle in the watch world haystack...from overseas! And I wax nostalgically about a long-lost customer service technique that simply doesn't exist today.


* * *

Op-Ed SoapBox
A PSA to Photographers : Avoid updates to any ANY software while in the middle of production. Even if it LOOKS like it is a harmless patch- just don't update EVER when you have stuff on the line.

* AJ's **1hr long horror story** with Adobe support, and what the future of Lightroom means to those who (once) had perpetual license vs mandatory Creative Cloud. 
    * If I wasn't a tech...this...

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