By: ajbarse | April 22, 2018

If a Facebook post is made, and no one reads it, is it likable? Feel sold down the timeline river with advertisers? Yeah, we're gonna talk about the Cambridge Analytica thing. But hang on now, it's AJ and Chris' take on the issue- we're not your typical tech pundits. Plus, a shout out to a local favorite Fairhaven business- because nothing beats the smell of fresh crafted leather. All this on the 77th edition of the Bellingham Podcast.

Local shout out:
Found Leather Goods:

So, what about that whole privacy on Facebook thing....

“Late on Tuesday, Facebook announced ( the first steps it is taking to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, o...

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By: ajbarse | April 15, 2018

The Bellingham Podcast has a special intro from Dan all the way from the island of Cyprus! Chris geeks out for a second episode on the topic of Minimalism. And AJ brings more math to the minimalists mentality physics; what has more value, the object or the memory it brings?

Meet our listener: @danc21cy

Dan, Imagery Intelligence Analyst for the British Military is a listener station in Cyprus ( , part of the #watchfam and avid adventurer (including climbing things) . Instagram: @Danc21cy Check out his interview with Two Broke Watch Snobs (TBWS) “*Ep. #75 - Talking Vintage Military Watches With @danc21cy”

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By: ajbarse | April 09, 2018

This episode is probably one of Chris' favorite topics: Minimalism! AJ talks about how his recent tech purge has made him appreciate "space" and how "stuff's" value isn't as great as the value of having "space." Listen to this a more practical side to minimalism, on this episode of the Bellingham Podcast.

How to help the mental hump of getting rid of stuff:

The Minimalists Game

Star Trek TNG - Minimalist quarters

Money makers?


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By: ajbarse | April 01, 2018

Happy Basel Fools Day watchfam! On this episode AJ & Chris give their PNW view on the Basel World watch show. If you are into horology or watches, you'll want to check out this episode as it is dedicated to the PNW watchfam.

Note: at time of recording for our national and international listeners
1 CHF (Swiss Franc) is equal to 1.06 USD
1 Euro equals 1.24 USD


Finally! Watches are going back to mortal sizes, 36mm, 39mm, 41mm

Day one and the two GMT's the broke the watchfam internet:

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By: ajbarse | March 25, 2018

Hey watchfam! We have a horological Nor'Wester coming Seaforth from Vancouver in the form of a collaboration between Roldorf and Halios. Top of the morn'n to ya. Chris and AJ talk about how they tackle the morning. Facebook fatigue, we have three helpful hacks to help disconnect your 'analytica'. And the little social network that could, Vero, wraps up our tech addiction recap. All that and more on this 73rd edition of the #bhampodcast.

Quick correction on Episode 72

AJ's reminiscing on pinball: The Racket- not the Ruckus Room regarding Pinball tournament

Ruckus Room - 1423 Railroad Avenue
The Racket - 1220 N State Street

Local horological news #WatchFam

Yes, Baselworld is going on as we speak- AJ will have thoughts next week when...

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