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Take two guys, and throw 'em in 40-some degree weather and rain. What do they wear? And what do they carry their stuff in? Find out the answers, and a whole lot more...NEXT...This is the Bellingham Podcast...

Podcast Updates- 

AJ did a few Fall cleaning of the feed, you can now  updates to the website and look and feel of the show. You can now find us by searching for “The Bellingham Podcast”,  and our show is available as Seasons in iTunes
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Topic - Apple Airpods - The Cadillac of headphones?


* Great sound quality
* Easy to connect (pair) with my phone, tablet, personal laptop, and work laptop
* Quick-charging
* Fits my ears


* Not noise-isolating (I still have to deal with conversations and room chatter)
* The price
* Whi...

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By: ajbarse | October 19, 2017

We are excited to announce an all new style for our podcast art, as well as we are in the process of some 'fall cleaning' of the podcast feed. You can now see our show in iTunes in seasons, and you can now tell your friends to search for us in your favorite podcast app of choice as The Bellingham Podcast, or Bellingham Podcast!

If you are listening to us on iTunes, be sure to leave us a nice review and a star rating if you are a fan of our show: 

Thank you all so much for listening! 

The Bellingham Podcast

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